Welcome to the Rumble in Vegas!

The Rumble is a prestigious judged contest to determine the overall best dispensary in Vegas! Our purpose is to decide which is the best dispensary in the Las Vegas area – in various categories, as well as the overall “Best Dispensary. Every dispensary in Las Vegas is automatically entered into the Main Event and will have a chance to win the title, but dispensaries that participate will certainly earn proportionally more of our judges favor…

This unique competition has never been done before – It’s a week long judging experience that is open to anyone over the age of 21. Judges pay for the opportunity to vote in the Rumble – there will be some celebrity judges as well, and will vote – not only for the best overall dispensary, but also for the best flower, best concentrate, and best edible categories. Dispensaries can decide what offerings they will put forth, and to what level they wish to participate.

Judges will be given a judges tool kit, which will include an ID Lanyard, map of all the dispensaries in Las Vegas, Judge’s handbook, and tools for partaking. Everything but the cannabis entries. They will then spend the week visiting each dispensary and checking out their wares, service, etc. It is up to every dispensary to provide a unique experience for the judges when they visit their establishment – some dispensaries will host an event or two during the week, and organize discounted judges kit of all their entries, offer gifts T-shirts, stickers, etc whatever it takes to help convince the judges to vote for them, but their level of participation is completely up to them.

This is a Title Match! The main event winner will get to claim the title of “Best Dispensary” and receive the Dispensary cup- a 3ft. tall custom perpetual trophy, to display at their location for the entire year – until the next year’s Rumble, at which time it must be returned and they will have to defend their title to keep it for another year!

We thank you for your interest, and look forward to seeing/hearing from you in the near future.

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