2020 Rumble in Vegas

The Rumble in Vegas Dispensary Cup is an annual judged contest and 5-day dispensary crawl, where all of the dispensaries in Las Vegas are judged along WITH their products, battling each other using their knowledgeable staff, atmosphere, dank deals, and best products – to not only find the best cannabis products in Vegas, but the overall Best Dispensary!

The Cup itself is a prestigious perpetual  trophy that the winner gets to hold onto and display for their reigning year. Bragging rights, along with the Cup are to be fought for again in the next Annual TITLE MATCH!

There will be an informational Judges Handbook that will be distributed to all of the judges, containing a crawl map, event info, and other information about the entries, etc. The handbooks will have advertising space available for local businesses and dispensaries that would like to also sponsor the event. (Sponsorship info sheet should be included in this packet).

It will be a limited run of booklets, made specifically for judges in the 1st Annual Rumble in Vegas Dispensary Cup! We encourage all of our participating dispensaries to be as visible as possible so as to give your team an edge!20

February 23rd – 28th, 2020 – Dispensary crawl (various times)
February 29th, 2020 – Awards ceremony (8:00pm – 2am)

Dispensary crawl – Every dispensary in Las Vegas
Awards ceremony Eclipse Theater 

Entry fees:
All licensed Las Vegas dispensaries are automatically entered in the “Overall Best Dispensary” category.
•  $500 ANTE UP – (max. 2 entries per category).
•  $1,500 HIT – 4 entries in categories of your choice (max. 2 entries per category.)
•  $3,000 ALL IN – 2 entries in each of the 8 categories – (16 total entries). 

Private entry category please email us for more info entries@rumbleinvegas.com

The event will be split into two parts:

•  Part A will consist of a 6 day dispensary crawl,  where judges will visit the dispensaries, acquire contestant entries and cast their votes for the best in Las Vegas for each category.

•  Part B is an awards ceremony/concert on the last day to announce the winners. 

Suggested sample sizes:

Flower .5g
Concentrate .2g
Vape cart .5g
Edible 50mg

You can give out any size sample you want to judges at whatever prices you see fit to encourage them to vote for your dispensary.

How to submit:


Find the Login button on the menu and register/create an account, once you’ve logged in go to Product Entry Form under Dispensaries on the menu and fill in the Product Entry Form for each of your entries. After you have submitted them for approval an admin will contact you shortly to complete the process – if you have any questions, email entries@rumbleinvegas.com Images should be square, and we recommend a minimum of 200×200 pixels, max of 600×600 for product images. JPEG and PNG file formats.

Private Entry:

Find the Login button on the menu and register/create an account, once you have created an account email entries@rumbleinvegas.com and an admin will contact you shortly to complete the process.


Every dispensary in Las Vegas is automatically entered into the best dispensary category *

Entries in any of the other categories (max 2 entries per) either independently or by partnering up with your favorite licensed brands (cultivation facility/product manufacture) to showcase their products 

Best Flower (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)
Best Concentrate (Solvent, Non-Solvent)
Vape Carts (THC)
Best Edible (THC, CBD)

Judges pass function/tracking:

Judging is open to all registered judges. Passes will be a laminated badge, each with its own personal ID number for tracking.


  • Main prize is the title of “Overall Best Dispensary” in Las Vegas. This prestigious title includes a custom made trophy. The title is held for 1 year.
  • All other categories will be given 1st , 2nd, and 3rd place awards to keep

Awards ceremony:

  • The awards ceremony will be held at one of a few prestigious locations in Las Vegas, NV. Each Dispensary with product entries will get 4 passes to the awards ceremony.
  • Only 1st place winners will be allowed to give a quick acceptance/TY speech

*Dispensaries that have more than one location in Vegas will be limited to one store location (generally the most central store) for purposes of the judges crawl map and inclusion in the event.




Only dispensaries/production facilities licensed by the state of Nevada with facilities or products in the City of Las Vegas and private growers are allowed to enter the Rumble in Vegas. Licensed product manufacturers and cultivators must partner with a licensed Las Vegas dispensary to be able to enter. 

Dispensaries can host judges events during the week and create/market branded judge’s kits of all of their product entries, and offer them at discounted rates to verified judges. Judges will have a Unique Judge’s ID that all dispensaries will be provided with for tracking. 

Gifting branded promotional items (T-shirts, Hats, cups, Pens, etc) to judges when they visit your dispensary is also allowed and Dispensaries can require social media check-ins to receive gifts but are not allowed to require judges vote for them in order to receive product entries, discounts, or promotional items. 

Voting begins February  23rd, 2020 at 10:00am and ends February  29th, 2020 at 11:59pm. 

Sponsors for 2020